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Clients often ask my opinion on products available on the Internet and occasionally I can give honest advice based upon experience or from friends who have tried the product or service.

The client who shall remain anonymous at this point was looking to quickly increase social media traffic using a number of conventional methods including running a competition, however they felt that they needed to kick things off by trying to buy “Real Facebook Likes”.

quickly increase social media traffic.

I explained to my client that these fake online friends won’t love you. They won’t comment or converse with you. They won’t spread word of your business and they won’t fulfil your dreams of Facebook success, mainly because they’re not real people with a real interest in what you have to offer and to prove it I would set up a Facebook page for a company that doesn’t exist and put it to the test.


So we visited (Link Removed) and guess what, they offer some fantastic packages at a very low-cost:

1,000 Guaranteed UK Facebook Fans Only $34.90

Now this might sounds like a fantastic deal, but when has it ever been a good idea to buy friends?

So $34.90 later I purchased my first 1000 fake FB Likes and was advised to wait 3-5 days and we should see results.

I forgot all about it for 8 weeks and guess what, no result at all, in fact not even 1 Facebook like so I decided to contact the seller MYFBFANS.COM (Paypal Seller) and started a dispute as I felt cheated completely as they hadn’t even added any fake likes in over 8 weeks.

I advised the seller of the Facebook page,******* and quoted the PayPal transaction number: ******. I was then instructed that they would look into the issue and that I should wait a few more days.

Now you can take a guess at what’s happened since, absolutely nothing in fact I have sent a further 14 emails and received no response.

So there you have it, if you really feel the need to buy these fake followers and friends I suggest you don’t use (Link Removed) as they don’t even do anything other than run with your money.

I’m no better off now because I didn’t even get to prove my point to my client, well other than not to use this company and I suggest anyone reading this does the same and spends their marketing money a bit more wisely.

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