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OSX Mavericks, Gmail Issues in Mac Mail

There are loads of new, useful features in Mac Mail, such as the ability to clearly search for attachments and a button to delete an unwanted message directly from the notification banner. All these little extra features make it the fantastic piece of software we all love. However, if you are using Mac Mail as a client for one or more Google Gmail accounts, there are a few new issues, some quite serious.

If you have tweaked Mail or Gmail’s preferences in the past to account for Google’s strange message handling behavior, then I should reconsider the upgrade to Mavericks until you have set all back to default, otherwise you might have a few issues.

Problems so far reported by users seem to be that Mail takes a large amount of time to display messages in folders, when I say large amount of time I mean up to several days dependent upon the number of messages stored in the account. It appears that Mail starts re-indexing folders and other background tasks but doesn’t display a warning or message to inform the user, now dependent on your settings on your Gmail account this could be gigabytes of already read messages.

In a long post at TidBITS, Joe Kissell runs down the issues, and describes the process to help speed the process up.

It seems I may have jumped the gun upgrading on day 1 as mail now keeps telling me I have numerous unread messages, but nothing is showing in the mailbox.

Update: 2 days later and Mail has completed the indexing of all 9356 emails and everything seems to be responding normally after following Joe Kissell’s instructions.

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