Nexus 5 Smartphone

Nexus 5 – Unboxed & Updated.

As soon as the package arrived I ripped open the box to unveil the latest offering from Google, the Nexus 5, Its visually stunning and feels great in your hand, the same feeling I had when the iPhone 4 launched a few years back. Personally I think it has to be the best looking Android phone to date.

The dimensions of the phone are great, and the addition of the matte plastic rear case ensures its not as sloppy as its predecessor the Nexus 4, it  also feels much lighter than the Nexus 4 without loosing the high quality feel. I think this one should survive the odd drop unlike the iPhone 4.

The Nexus range has taken a real leap forward here, the Nexus 4 was a great phone for the money but started to slow down after a while and although google have released this phone a little later in the year than others I don’t think it will take long to catch up in terms of units sold.

Overall there seems to be a feeling of real quality, over the coming days I will be posting more on the performance when its running in the real world with 200+ emails a day and 5 social networks to keep up with.

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