Privacy Concerns – Google Mail (Gmail)

Can you spot what google goes through in this email sent using Gmail?

Email Gmail Snooping

Its easy they read everything, email between a husband and wife or two best friends should be completely private but Google crosses the line. They scan everything including every word in every email sent or received using the Gmail service.

Google then sell adds based upon your most personal messages even about your relationships, healthcare decisions, financial decisions, your children and other matters. The worst thing is theres no way to opt out of this invasion of your privacy.

Give it a try open an email from your bank for example and look at the sponsored adverts that litter the screen, you will notice they are offering financial advice or loans.

Googles Executive chairman Eric E. Schmidt was recently asked for his view on the matter:

There’s this thing I call the creepy line and the Google policy about a lot of these things is to get right up to the creepy line but not cross it.

Personally I don’t use google for anything other than webmaster tools but its scary to think how much data they collect from your emails.

Even if you don’t use Gmail, Google will still go through emails you send to Gmail addresses in order to sell ads — despite you never having agreed to their terms of service. There is absolutely no way to opt out, whether you use Gmail or not.

It’s time to take back your privacy.

Sign this petition and tell Google to stop going through your emails to sell ads.

Lest We Forget – Remembrance Sunday

This post is a tribute to those who have fought, and those who have died fighting for freedom.

Lest We Forget – three words renown across most countries to show our remembrance of those who have fought, and those who have died fighting for freedom. It means that we will never forget. In the UK, we honour the day by wearing poppies, a flower that bloomed throughout the fields of battle grounds in France and Belgium during World War I.

The wearing of the symbol of the poppy was made popular due to the poem, Flanders Field, written by Canadian physician and Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae after witnessing his friend and fellow soldier struck down in the midst of battle in WWI.

lest we forget - sundayFlanders Field
by John McCrae

In Flanders Field the poppies blow
between the crosses, row on row
That mark our place; and in the sky
the larks, still bravely singing, fly
scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead. Short days ago
we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow.
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
in Flanders Fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
to you from failing hands we throw
the torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
we shall not sleep, though poppies grow
in Flanders Field.


Photoshop CS6 Cheat Sheet

There is nothing worse than struggling to use the latest software if your a designer or developer, the team over at Vectortown have come up with a great solution and offer free keyboard shortcut sheets for Adobe Photoshop CS6 & Illustrator CS6. Included in the pack you will find printable PDF’s and Wallpapers of varied sizes.

I cant wait until they launch there new website packed with Vector icons and graphics.

Visit Vectortown’s website

Nexus 5 – Unboxed & Updated.

As soon as the package arrived I ripped open the box to unveil the latest offering from Google, the Nexus 5, Its visually stunning and feels great in your hand, the same feeling I had when the iPhone 4 launched a few years back. Personally I think it has to be the best looking Android phone to date.

The dimensions of the phone are great, and the addition of the matte plastic rear case ensures its not as sloppy as its predecessor the Nexus 4, it  also feels much lighter than the Nexus 4 without loosing the high quality feel. I think this one should survive the odd drop unlike the iPhone 4.

The Nexus range has taken a real leap forward here, the Nexus 4 was a great phone for the money but started to slow down after a while and although google have released this phone a little later in the year than others I don’t think it will take long to catch up in terms of units sold.

Overall there seems to be a feeling of real quality, over the coming days I will be posting more on the performance when its running in the real world with 200+ emails a day and 5 social networks to keep up with.

OSX Mavericks, Gmail Issues in Mac Mail

There are loads of new, useful features in Mac Mail, such as the ability to clearly search for attachments and a button to delete an unwanted message directly from the notification banner. All these little extra features make it the fantastic piece of software we all love. However, if you are using Mac Mail as a client for one or more Google Gmail accounts, there are a few new issues, some quite serious.

If you have tweaked Mail or Gmail’s preferences in the past to account for Google’s strange message handling behavior, then I should reconsider the upgrade to Mavericks until you have set all back to default, otherwise you might have a few issues.

Problems so far reported by users seem to be that Mail takes a large amount of time to display messages in folders, when I say large amount of time I mean up to several days dependent upon the number of messages stored in the account. It appears that Mail starts re-indexing folders and other background tasks but doesn’t display a warning or message to inform the user, now dependent on your settings on your Gmail account this could be gigabytes of already read messages.

In a long post at TidBITS, Joe Kissell runs down the issues, and describes the process to help speed the process up.

It seems I may have jumped the gun upgrading on day 1 as mail now keeps telling me I have numerous unread messages, but nothing is showing in the mailbox.

Update: 2 days later and Mail has completed the indexing of all 9356 emails and everything seems to be responding normally after following Joe Kissell’s instructions.

Parascending in Tenerife 2013

It’s not very often I get the opportunity to try something new and exciting that doesn’t involve tech, so during our last minute holiday this year Lisa suggested we go Parascending.

It proved to be an amazing experience, flying along the coastline attached to a parachute 50 metres in the air enjoying the incredible views that Fañabe Beach (Tenerife) had to offer.

Thank you to Tenerife Watersports for a great day.

Photo Gallery – Parascending

Staying Connected

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and customers. I love the fact it’s real time, and topical, and it’s a great way to post the latest news and reviews for my partners and friends.

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Review: Russell Haydock – Plumbing & Heating Services. (Gas Safe)

I don’t normally plug companies who have worked for me but I was very pleased with the work and attitude of the plumbers who came out to me last night. Its also gas safety week so even more reason to highlight this. Read more


Clients often ask my opinion on products available on the Internet and occasionally I can give honest advice based upon experience or from friends who have tried the product or service.

The client who shall remain anonymous at this point was looking to quickly increase social media traffic using a number of conventional methods including running a competition, however they felt that they needed to kick things off by trying to buy “Real Facebook Likes”.

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New Adventures

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