Staying Connected

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and customers. I love the fact it’s real time, and topical, and it’s a great way to post the latest news and reviews for my partners and friends.

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Review: Russell Haydock – Plumbing & Heating Services. (Gas Safe)

I don’t normally plug companies who have worked for me but I was very pleased with the work and attitude of the plumbers who came out to me last night. Its also gas safety week so even more reason to highlight this. Read more


Clients often ask my opinion on products available on the Internet and occasionally I can give honest advice based upon experience or from friends who have tried the product or service.

The client who shall remain anonymous at this point was looking to quickly increase social media traffic using a number of conventional methods including running a competition, however they felt that they needed to kick things off by trying to buy “Real Facebook Likes”.

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